Several Years Ago

I made a series of journeys to Japan, the culmination of which involved living in the culture as a gaijin (foreign) sex worker and performance artist. Over a period of 3 years, all told, I uncovered the world of private and professional SM. My spiritual path had already included honoring the female principle, and just as I was embarking on my second journey, a traditional female deity, Benzaiten, suddenly made herself known to me. Of the 7 Shinto deities, she is the sole female, and is the goddess of love, luck, art, prosperity and, yes, sex workers. It was quite a way to get acquainted with the Japanese culture!

I returned to SF changed. Some may remember my previous play space, Shibari Magic (or heard rumors of it), from about 4 years ago near the Castro where I had a live/work space for nearly 23 years before the property was Ellised and all the tenants had to move. After dismantling my life and relocating to the East Bay for a couple of years, I realized how fully my heart (not to mention other significant parts of me) still resided in San Francisco. Then the inimitable Ashur made me an offer I couldn't refuses;

The opportunity to create a new play space.

No Frame

Kaye Buckley, Dancing with Fire, Japan

No Frame