Dancing Your Archetypes


Trance states have always been part of my foundation for hot, creative play. As a CCHT, I have learned that vision quests can be used to explore your full potential to a more thorough extent than might be accessed through the conscious mind alone. In creating and expanding a dominant or submissive play persona, vision questing offers an excellent way to get down to and understand more about the source and essence of your own power. 


For example, on your deepest level, who are you as a Domme? a sub? What other facets of your persona might exist unexplored, and what other possibilities of your play spectrum might be accessed through a trance state? Do you struggle with limiting beliefs about your strengths, or are parts of your kink awareness still shrouded in mystery? Are you right of the edge of discovery, but aren't able to quite get there?


Or, perhaps you are at a crossroads in terms of your play, or a play relationship, and are wondering where to go next.


Hypnosis may also be used to explore questions around the multiplicity of sexuality. Beyond the BDSM arena, you may be someone who wants to know more about your true sexual nature, identity and how it fits into your life as an individual, with your partner(s), or with your community.  Like snowflakes, each of us is unique, including who we are as sexual beings. You may be ready to explore coming out of your own personal closet, and want to know more about sex and intimacy, sexual healing, the coming out process, gender play, gender orientation, and polyamory to name a few. 


For those in transition, you may want to become clearer on and feel more powerful in your gender identity. If you are a Tantric practitioner, you may want to deepen and enhance the "Divine Feminine" or "Divine Masculine" within yourself and how it interfaces with your partner(s) with whom you share that kind of intimacy. Or, because all of us hold both feminine and masculine energies to varying degrees, perhaps you want to become more fluid and expansive in your gender role.


Hypnosis also offers an excellent way to practice skill enhancement. For those who wish to know themselves in deeper, more essential ways—who want to dance with their archetypes— this kind of trance journey can be very enlightening and empowering. 



BDSM & Hypnosis

Kaye Buckley, CCHT