Psycological journeys include:


Inner child work

Shifting self-limiting beliefs

Skill enhancement/skill rehearsal

Working through fears, trauma and phobias

Vision Questing

Choosing to become smoke-free

Managing weight and eating issues

Learning self-hypnosis

Co-dependence, developing self-esteem and healthy boundaries

Finding your sexual identity

Identifying and overcoming sex negative attitudes

Habit resolution through reframing

Pain management


Stress and Anxiety

Lucid dreaming

Hypnotherapy for surgery

Dental phobias 

Transpersonal journeys include:


Death, dying, grief and loss

Soul healing; spirit releasement therapy

Past life regression

Exploring the "Interlife"

Spiritual Emergence Crises

Sometimes life issues may get in the way


Of the BDSM and power exchange experiences you are seeking to create. The following list includes different areas of focus I work with through hypnosis. They run the gamut from the psychological to the




Experienced Sado-Erotic Educator & CCHT