As a novice player, inexperienced, but filled with passion, I began my career at a "House" called Backdrop. It was the perfect opportunity to learn the basics: develop my skills, learn about my interests and limits, the all-important boundary work, working the phones, learning  about the scope, variety and expressions of different clients and how to interface with them. At that time, this training went hand-in-hand with my personal play development; I considered it the essential kindergarten phase of my learning. After a year, feeling incomplete, I needed to expand my growth.


Cynthia Slater, one of the founders of the Society of Janus, was  immersed in the heart of  the SF leather community. Cynthia became an important mentor to me. One leatherman described her as a "sexual witch", and since the heart of my philosophy included the magical, spiritual aspects inherent in BDSM and power play, she and I took to each other very naturally. I was the first woman to use her play space on a pro-basis. Working with her, in her space,  taught me sophistication and edge play in many areas where I could develop the breadth and depth of my style. 


A major past of that growth was due to being in a mixed gender community, which differed radically from the mainly heterosexual community predominant at Backdrop.


At that time, I was in a committed triad with a woman and a man.  In exchange for a year's membership in Society of Janus, together we created the first SM group exclusively for women. It was an outreach to encourage women to join  SOJ, which at that time, consisted mainly of  gay leathermen. Our group was called "Cardea" and was the precursor to the women's BDSM groups that followed.


A few years later, I upped the ante and made a series of journeys to Japan. The culmination of these trips involved living in the culture as a gaijin (foreigner) sex worker and performance artist. Over a period of three years + (all told), I uncovered the world of private and pro-SM. These experiences were true limit pushers! My spiritual path included honoring the female principle, and as I was embarking on my second journey, a traditional female deity, Benzaiten, suddenly made herself known to me. Of the seven Shinto deities, she is the sole female, and is the goddess of love, luck, art, prosperity and, yes, sex workers.


That is where the "7" in the name of my play space comes from. I returned to SF changed. I was fortunate to  begin sessioning with Sybil Holiday and Cleo Dubois in their newly created play space. Working with them presented opportunities for whole new worlds of experience. Finally, after a couple of years, I took the plunge, designing and constructing my own play space. Since then, I have created five different spaces with different themes.  I became a successful independent player, educator and mentor to several women.  I have taken the San Francisco Sex Information training twice, and highly recommend it as it broadened my base of knowledge and of community.


In current time, I have a private practice as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Please refer to the BDSM and Hypnosis  page for more information as to how hypnosis might support and enhance your own learning and growth.


To learn more about my personal background, read my story, "Priestess Birth" which is included in the anthology, "Spirit of Desire," edited by Lee Harrington.






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